Regional Workshop - The Western Balkans

By vmarinakis / On May.20.2014

July 2014, Belgrade, Serbia‎

Scope and Objectives:

The BETTER Regional Workshop in the Western Balkans was held in Belgrade, Serbia‎, on the 4th July 2014, organized by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

The event aimed at increasing the awareness about investment options and facilitating cooperation among future stakeholders. The workshop tried to answer some key questions, gathered missing information and data relating to the Western Balkans case study. Particular emphasis was laid on the following issues:

- Discussion of the appropriate frame conditions for the market introduction of renewable energy in the Western Balkans;
- Analysis of the future framework development of the energy sector and renewable energy in the region;
- Assessment of the opportunities for joint projects among the West Balkans countries.

The outcomes of this workshop will contribute towards an action plan on RES cooperation for the entire West Balkan region.