European Consultation Workshop in Paris

By vmarinakis / On Aug.27.2014

7-8 October 2014, Paris, France

Scope and Objectives:

BETTER EU Consultation Workshop was successfully implemented in Paris, on the 8th of October 2014, as back to back event with the OME RE Technical Committee Meeting - 7 October 2014.

The main purposes of the workshop were:
- To present and discuss results from the three regional case studies: North Africa, Turkey and West Balkans
- To assess the potential and prospects of cooperation mechanisms in helping Europe achieve its RES-E targets in 2020 and beyond.
- To draw policy conclusions and derive a more general and widely acceptable set of action plans tailored to the specifics of the selected regions.
- To discuss priorities and a roadmap for the post-2020 framework.

An important number of external experts (EU and non-EU investors, EC and third countries government representatives,  international organizations, OME member companies, project developers, civil society representatives, academia institutions, TSOs, financial institutions, etc.) participated to deliver action-oriented results relevant for the EC and the interested stakeholders from both Europe and third countries.