BETTER Project Meeting in Athens

By vmarinakis / On Sep.24.2013

19 September 2013, Athens, Greece

Scope and Objectives:

BETTER Project Meeting in Athens took place on the 19th of September 2013. The meeting included an internal meeting with the project members, dedicated on the BETTER activities’ progress so far and next steps. Particular emphasis was laid on the outcomes concerning opportunities and challenges associated to RES cooperation in third countries, the design of the cooperation mechanisms, as well as key parameters which are crucial to fully exploit the potential of the third countries cooperation mechanism. Moreover, the first results from the RES-E inventory and the prospects for renewable energy expansion in North Africa, the West Balkans and Turkey were presented and discussed. Finally, the main framework of activities for the integrated assessment from the “EU plus third countries” perspective, Action Plan and policy recommendations, stakeholder consultation, as well as BETTER communication and dissemination activities were outlined.

Agenda (final):

List of Participants (download):