2nd Stakeholder Consultation Workshop - BETTER Project

By vmarinakis / On Jun.27.2013

20 September 2013, Athens, Greece

Scope and Objectives:

The 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Workshop of the BETTER project was held in Athens, Greece on the 20th of September 2013. Following the conclusions drawn during the 1st Stakeholder Consultation Workshop, this event provided all interested stakeholders and experts a chance to meet face-to-face and further work on RES cooperation mechanisms.

Experts and regional policy makers joined this Workshop and provided their valuable views on the following issues:
-  Policy gaps and analytical framework to identify cooperation opportunities with third countries;
-  Current status and prospects for renewable energy expansion in North Africa, Balkans and Turkey;
-  Opportunities and barriers main barriers for the implementation of the cooperation mechanisms;
-  Role and design of the cooperation mechanisms and other financial mechanisms to deploy RES in third countries;
-  Assessment of policy options for the cooperation between EU and third countries.


Agenda (final):

List of Participants (download):