The Action | Objectives

The specific objectives of BETTER during its duration were the following:

  • Assess, through case study analysis as well as integrated analysis, to what extent the cooperation mechanism with third countries can help Europe achieve its RES targets in a cost effective way, as well as trigger the deployment of RES electricity projects in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Develop an action plan that fosters renewable energy production, transfer and use in the EU Member States and the third countries through cooperation mechanisms. Action plans contain information related to:
    • Cost of reaching the EU RES target, with and without using 4th mechanisms;
    • Market opportunities as well as other associated environmental and socio-economic co-effects;
    • Barriers and opportunities associated to the implementation of the cooperation mechanism, through SWOT analysis implementation in each case study;
    • Recommendations to surmount them both from the EU and the third country perspective;
    • Practical know-how on how the RES cooperation mechanism could work in practice and which opportunities and risks are involved.
  • Draw policy recommendations with regards to:
    • The implementation of the 4th cooperation mechanism for each case study;
    • The implementation of the 4th cooperation mechanism in general and;
    • The comparison of the 4th mechanism with the other RES cooperation mechanisms.
  • Elaboration of a set of practical guidelines for project developers in order to foster and promote the active involvement of private sector in the deployment of mutually beneficial renewable energy projects in third countries using the cooperation mechanisms.
  • Establishment of a solid stakeholder network between EU and 3rd countries to foster RES cooperation and knowledge transfer.
  • Generation of knowledge and dissemination material in order advocate in favour of EU cooperation mechanisms as well as RES deployment.